The Road Ahead for the Trucking Industry

Trucking is the backbone of the American economy. Without the tireless work of the men and women in our field, there would be no packages received, no shipping, and no way to conduct business in our strongly e-commerce world. 


As R&A Trucking Company put it, “Trucking and the transportation of goods is one of the oldest industries in the world, and few consumers truly understand the effect changes in the trucking industry have on their day-to-day lives. In an age where e-commerce and online shopping has established a stronghold in the consumer market, it is easy to forget that without trucking, none of those things are possible.”

The Here & Now 

The emergence of the coronavirus and the need to shutter stores, stay at home more, and avoid direct contact with large groups of people has shone a bright spotlight on the trucking industry. Americans are waking up to the knowledge that without the shipping and trucking industry, our country would be in a heap of a mess. Trucking is an essential service that can keep Americans safely ensconced at home with all the products they deem necessary. 


For now, the media coverage and knowledge that our industry is essential to the operating of the country is a great boon for our industry in terms of jobs, cashflow, and understanding of the interconnectedness of our economy through the trucking industry. 

The Growth of E-commerce

There is no ignoring the massive growth in the e-commerce industry over the past decade as well as the last 10 months due to the coronavirus. This growth has led to many distributors increasing the number of locations throughout the country. 


Take for example the e-commerce giant, Amazon. When Amazon announced its two new locations for headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and Long Island, New York, it also announced the launch of their own trucking division to support this growth. As more and more Americans turn to online shopping for their daily needs, it is important to note that the trucking industry is what is supporting that shift from in-store shopping to online shopping. 

Technology Improvements in Trucking 

Technological improvements have impacted every corner of our economy so it makes sense that tech improvements would come to the trucking industry. Some of the largest suppliers, engineers, and commercial vehicle companies will work to bring the newest and greatest technologies to the table at the commercial vehicle trade show in Germany this fall. 


Some of the improvements may include: autonomous function in commercial vehicles, electric commercial vehicles, and even greater advancements in truck safety systems.The Market Urbanism Report states that autonomous trucks won’t be in the realm of possibility for at least 15 years in case you are thinking that jobs are at stake or empty trucks willth be driving themselves to consumers. That won’t be happening any time soon. 


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