How Living On the Road Can Be Healthier and Happier

In our last few blogs we have discussed alcohol & drug use, as well as mental health issues that face many in the trucking industry. While dealing with one of these serious issues is critical, so is maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle while on the road. 


That being said, here at Clearinghouse Navigator, we hope to encourage healthy living and avoidance of drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy behaviors. Here are a few simple changes that you can take to help stay healthy and improve your mental outlook while spending time on the road. 

Eat Nourishing Food 

While it might be tempting to grab that easy fast food meal or sugary drink, it is better for your physical health and overall wellbeing to try to eat a well balanced diet. This would include lean protein, fruits, veggies, and some carbohydrates on a daily basis. 


Consuming a variety of foods from all the food groups can allow for a range of nutrients to energize you throughout the day. You will be amazed at how much better you feel when your diet is on target and you are no longer living on fast foods. 


Get Moving 

Regular exercise, even if it is some stretching and walking for 15-30 minutes a day can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Just getting your heart pumping can stave off heart disease, Type II Diabetes, and a host of other physical issues. 


According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise relieves stress and tension, strengthens muscles and boosts endurance, which helps your body to work more efficiently during other physical tasks or activities.

Keep Good Company 

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, loneliness can be crushing while out trucking. Try to keep company with people in the industry as you travel the country. You would be amazed at the positive power that laughing and binding can have on your overall health. Companionship can help on those longer trips where you are missing friends and family members. 

Try To Follow a Sleep Schedule

While this is easier said than done in the trucking industry where deadlines and traffic can interrupt sleeping hours, it is a good idea to try to get a good night's sleep whenever possible. Set and alarm, do some self care and get to bed when you can. 

Check In Regularly 

If you find yourself getting lonely, arrange for regular check ins with your family and children. These daily Facetime chats can do wonders to boost a mood and keep your energy up all day. It gives you something positive to look forward to and reminds you why you do what you do. 


Check out our eLearning classes that can keep you mentally sharp and involved in the trucking industry throughout your workday.