CMV Drivers in America: Why Truckers are Essential


Truck drivers very rarely make national news, and, last we checked, there aren’t too many Hollywood movies about the lives of CMV operators. Despite the lack of national attention, truckers are without question one of the most essential wings of the workforce in America, and throughout the world. 

The chaos inflicted upon communities by the Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted just how important CMV operators are to our states, cities, towns, and economies. But it isn’t just during times of crisis that CMV drivers are so important. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes CMV Drivers in America so important.

They Deliver Essential Products 

During the current pandemic, CMV drivers have been working overtime to ensure hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other crucial facilities have been stocked with the supplies needed to keep communities as safe and healthy as possible during the spread of the virus. While the delivery of essential products has been placed under a microscope as of late, ensuring products get where they need to go is important 365 days a year. 

While not every delivery a CMV driver makes is of essentials, eCommerce is becoming a pivotal part of our economy. In fact, according to Outerbox Solutions, “e-commerce dollars now comprise 10% of ALL retail revenue.” In order for consumers to comfortably purchase products online, they need to be confident that the products they order will show up on time at their front door. 

That’s right. You even owe your love of online shopping to CMV drivers. 

Almost all Industries Rely on Truckers

Truck drivers are responsible for transporting just about every product that's available in the country. Truck drivers transport essentials, as we mentioned, like foods and medicines, but they also transport gas, raw materials, and other products that keep our company running, and even make important deliveries into boarding countries like Canada and Mexico.

The items that truckers deliver are essential to the well-being of humans, wildlife, and the sustainability of our planet as a whole. A world in which truck drivers would not, or could not, move these items, is a world that looks drastically different than the one we’re currently living in. 

They Work Around the Clock

In many businesses, the ability to punch the clock at the same time every morning and evening is somewhat of a luxury. The consistency that comes with many office positions can help people develop a consistent routine, which can go a long way towards a successful work-life balance. Unfortunately, that luxury isn’t always afforded to CMV drivers. 

While there are regulations in place to ensure CMV drivers don’t get too overworked, such as the FMCSA rule that prohibits drivers from operating a CMV after having been on-duty 60 hours in 7 consecutive days, this really is only meant to regulate the extreme end of the spectrum. Working 60 hours a week, or 7 days straight, is something many CMV operators have to endure. 

While CMV operators may not get the acclaim they deserve, society is benefiting from their hard work on a daily basis. The next time you run into a trucker, take a moment to say thank you. After all CMV operators do for us, it's the least we can do.