Biggest Challenges of CDL Trucking Life

In the last few months, truck drivers, along with frontline workers, have been the unsung heroes in our nation. So many of the products and services that Americans depend upon would not be available without the long hours and dedication of the trucking industry. 


Most truck drivers love what they do and can’t imagine a life lived in any other way than on the road. This life isn’t for everyone, so before you choose this career path, be sure you understand the potential challenges of the commercial drivers license trucking life. 


Understanding these challenges can allow for the men and women of this line of work to plan accordingly in order to prepare for these difficulties. Here are a few of the challenges that face this industry currently. 

Health Risks 

At Clearinghouse Navigator, part of our role is to make sure that drivers are maintaining a healthy lifestyle in regards to drugs and alcohol. These check-ins can make for safer roads and a happier and healthier life for the truckers who choose this line of work. 


In addition to the potential issues with drugs and alcohol, truck drivers sit for long hours at a time while being expected to maintain crystal clear mental concentration. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to further health problems. 


Some drivers choose to take short breaks, exercise at the end of each day, or listen to podcasts/books on tape to keep their minds alert. Finding your own way to stay active and mentally challenged is something you may want to consider if this is your career choice. 

Missing Home and Family 

Long days and nights on the job can mean missing out on family time, especially if children are involved. The lack of regular home time, for some drivers, can be a real struggle. Missing family time and the comforts of home can lead to other emotional health issues, including depression. 


Many long haul truckers who are away from home for long stretches at a time find it helpful to access technology to stay in touch. Facetime, Google Meet, Zoom, and regular phone calls can help maintain that home connection. 

Changing and Irregular Schedules 

If you just read this heading and thought “perfect,” then this challenge may not be an issue for you. Some truckers like having their schedule shift and change depending upon where and when they are hauling. 


Others find that this is a negative part of the job that leaves them guessing when they will work next or if they will be expected to change their sleep/wake schedule. Finding the right fit with a trucking company may be dependent on whether you can roll with the schedule changes or not. 

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