A Closer Look at the eLearning Opportunities of Clearinghouse Navigator


Over the last several months, schools and training programs have relied solely on eLearning and remote teaching tools. While the initial adjustment towards online learning may have taken people by surprise, the benefits of eLearning became clear as the process developed. While it may not be ideal for university students to take 100% of their courses online, there are undoubtedly applications for remote education tools. 

At Clearinghouse Navigator, we’re committed to helping CMV and related professionals learn and understand the new FMCSA Clearinghouse rule. In order to do this, we’ve implemented cutting edge eLearning courses that are tailored to the individual’s profession and learning goals. 

This blog will explain why eLearning is a crucial part of understanding the new FMCSA Clearinghouse rule. 

The Big Picture of eLearning

eLearning doesn’t just sound good conceptually; it actually works. A research study was conducted by Work Learning on the effectiveness of eLearning, and the researchers concluded that, “Overall, these meta-analyses found that eLearning tends to outperform classroom instruction.” The study points to a number of factors, such as repetitious learning techniques and retrieval-practice methods, as to why online learning can be so effective. 

While in some cases, such as in university learning, a blend of eLearning and in-class learning can be beneficial, not all types of information require in-person training. Every learning opportunity is unique, and it just so happens that learning the FMCSA clearinghouse rule is most effectively done online. 


eLearning With Clearinghouse Navigator 

eLearning is a crucial piece of a larger strategy at Clearinghouse Navigator. The eLearning courses, in addition to answers to frequently asked questions resource databases of informative articles, are intended to help CMV professionals gain a complete understanding of the new rule and how to comply with it. 

What makes eLearning so effective in this particular case, though, is the fact that the courses can be tailored to meet the unique needs of a variety of professionals. While CMV and related professionals will all be operating with the same database, a wide variety of professionals will be utilizing the clearinghouse for a wide variety of reasons. CMV employers, medical review officers and substance abuse professionals are just a few of the different groups that need to understand the new rule, that’s why each of those professionals will have eLearning opportunities tailored to their specific needs. 

How the eLearning Courses of Clearinghouse Navigator are Designed 

The team at Clearinghouse Navigator is composed of industry experts, policy advisors, and leaders in the field of online training for regulatory compliance. This means the teams developing these eLearning courses have experience in all the necessary areas of helping users effectively learn the new rule. When it comes to the specifics of the courses, these will vary based on which plan and role you select. 

The content of the courses will be tailored to focus on the most relevant information for the user in their professional role. Roles users can choose from are: employer, owner/operator, CDL Driver, Medical Review Officer, Substance Abuse Professional, and C/TPA. There are also three different plans users can choose from; basic, plus and premium. Each plan will include a full knowledge database, but additional features are added to the plus and premium plans. 

It's fair to say eLearning is officially a mainstream educational tool in the United States. For both simple and complex topics, eLearning is being used to help students and trainees achieve a deeper understanding of the subject matter. 

For CMV and related professionals, the eLearning courses of Clearinghouse Navigator are undoubtedly the most effective way to learn the new FMCSA clearinghouse rule. Explore the courses today.